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Alignment Thousand Palms

Alignment Experts

Alignment Thousand PalmsPete’s Automotive has been performing alignment services in Thousand Palms since 1981. We know what it takes to get your vehicle’s tires aligned correctly so that you can enjoy a smooth driving experience. When it comes to your vehicle’s alignment, sometimes the slightest road hazard or mishap can throw your wheels out of alignment. Something as simple as rolling over a curb or something bigger like going through a pothole can completely throw off your alignment and make your car feel off while you’re driving. Fortunately, the alignment experts at Pete’s Automotive have everything you need when it comes to alignment service. When we built our shop, we built it with the mindset that we will be able to perform any service on just about any vehicle, including alignment services, wheels, and tires. So when you need expert service for your alignment in Thousand Palms, call the experts at Pete’s Automotive today. Our expert staff is more than willing to answer all of your questions!

Alignment Services

When you choose Pete’s Automotive for your alignment services, our expert technicians will always keep you informed and in the loop on the whole process of your alignment check and service. Our alignment process begins by taking your car on a short drive and finding out where the misalignment is. Then, our technician will raise your car in our shop and take a thorough look at your car’s tires and suspension to make sure that everything is in order, and we will replace any broken or worn down parts that are necessary. We then check and adjust your vehicle’s tire pressure and then we start making the correct adjustments for your vehicle’s suspension, shifting it back to the manufacturer’s standards.

In most cases there are four areas we will adjust:

  • Toe: Proper toe keeps your tire wear even and extends the life of the tires.
  • Thrust: Compares rear axle direction and the center of the car. It also makes sure that the front and rear axles are even.
  • Caster: Helps your vehicle stay on a straight path and helps return your steering wheel to it’s original position after a turn.
  • Camber: This is the angle of the tires that keep your car stable.

We then make sure your steering wheel is aligned correctly and test drive it to make sure everything was fixed correctly.

Tires and Wheel Services

Along with alignment, Pete’s Automotive can also perform tire balancing, rotation, and repair for your vehicle. It’s important to get your tires rotated every six months or 6,000-8,000 miles, so let Pete’s Automotive schedule your tire rotations and keep your vehicle running smoothly, especially in the heat of Southern California. If you have a tire that needs to be repaired, we can perform a short-term fix or replace the entire tire completely. We can also perform repairs on any wheels that may be damaged from road hazards and are causing problems.

Pete’s Automotive Alignment Services

Alignment ServiceWhen you come to Pete’s Automotive for your alignment, tire, or wheel services in Thousand Palms, you know that you’re getting high quality service and a shop that you can trust. We are AAA preferred, coming with a 97% satisfaction rate from our customers. Pete’s Automotive is also a NAPA and ASE certified shop, with three master technicians on staff. We make sure to hire our technicians for their work in the shop and their ability to build lasting relationships with our customers that keep them coming back for years to come. Call Pete’s Automotive today and ask us about our alignment services in Thousand Palms.