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Brake Service Thousand Palms

Brake Services by Pete’s Automotive

Brake Service Thousand PalmsThe trained and certified technicians at Pete’s Automotive have been providing service for brakes and braking components since 1981 in the Thousand Palms area. Our local auto repair shop is staffed with braking experts to reliably assess your vehicle’s braking system and perform guaranteed repairs. Want to test your brakes? Make us your first stop.

Come to Pete’s Automotive for a full brake inspection and service. With three master technicians on staff, we have the knowledge and experience to perform any brake service job. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers with excellent communication and keeping our customers involved every step of the way.

Brake Repair and Replacement

At Pete’s Automotive, whether it’s a disc or a drum, our shop can make sure your brakes are always working their best. Here are some of our brake services that we offer:

  • Complete brake system inspection
  • Brake pad and shoe installation
  • Brake flushing and bleeds
  • Rotor and drum machining

  • Antilock and stability checks
  • Parking brake service
  • Caliper and rotor replacement
  • Master cylinder replacement

Whether they’re for daily driving or driving for performance, your car’s brakes experience normal wear and tear that will eventually require maintenance. Especially being in Southern California, your brakes will go through a lot of wear and tear due to the heat. No matter the type of braking system, the components won’t continue to perform their best without the right service. With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can make sure your car always stops on a dime.

How You Know Your Brakes Are Failing

1. Worn out brake pads: Your brake pads wear down slightly every time you use them. Aggressive or continuous braking wears them down faster. Your brake pads start off around 12 millimeters. If they’ve gone down to half that, you’ll want to bring them in.

2. Screeching: The telltale screeching coming from your brakes when you stop means you need to replace your brake pads.

3. Scraping: If you hear the sounds of metal on metal, your brake pads may have totally worn away and are now damaging the rotor surface.

4. Rusty brake fluid: If your brake fluid is rusty in color, it’s time to get it flushed. Your brake fluid is responsible for moving the various parts of your braking system.

5. Your brake fluid smells: If you are able to smell your brake fluid, that typically means there is a leak to the hydraulics of your braking system.

Pete’s Automotive Brake Services

Brake Service Near Me Thousand PalmsPete’s Automotive makes sure to take care of all our customers with any repair they need, especially brake services. Your brakes are a crucial part of your vehicle and keep you and your passengers safe. As a AAA preferred, ASE certified, and NAPA certified shop, you know that you can trust Pete’s Automotive as your trusted brake service specialists in Thousand Palms and the surrounding areas like Coachella. Make sure to remember Pete’s Automotive for all of your brake service needs! At Pete’s Automotive, we make sure to get your brake service right the first time. Call us today and ask us about our Thousand Palms brake services!